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CattleFree Stall


Custom tailored according to the body type of cow, provide the rest place for cattle,at the same time,can regulate the resting position. However, the most important function for the bedding(Cattle Stalls) is to make sure cows have a good sleeping. Good beddingwill make cows/cattle have less disease, mastitis, nipple damage.Cattle Free Stall COMPONENTSBedding , Bovine jugular track, Hold card, Bolt.

CattleFree Stall-FEATURES
1. Galvanized Pipe:anti-corrosion, acid proof and durable;
2. Suitable Cow/Cattle:dry cow, pregnancy cow, young cow, heifer, weaning calf;
3. Bedding Independent and Clean:improve the sleep quality of cow and milk production.
4. Unique and Cow-friendly Design: avoid bruising when cows get up or rest, ensure the
cow body safety;
5. Cold bending forming, be linked by bolted, overall without welding, cannot be easy to
rust and distort, strong and durable;
6. Size Flexible-Completely according to the cows' age and shape design length and width,convenient to lie-down, and easy entry and exit easy.
Delivery Date: 25-35days Brand Name: linkgreat
Material: metal Type: Cattle Equipment
Size: according to customer requirements Finishing: Anti-corrosion

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