Can be turned Drinking water tank length is 4.0m, the width is 50x26cm, the next width is 26x10cm; deep 36cm, material: both sides of the wall thickness of 4.5mm, the middle wall thickness is 2.5mm galvanized sheet, the installation location in the ground The fixed and the wall to fix these two, you can freely awake flip specifications, dumping is very convenient, easy to change the water;
     There can be controlled temperature and uncontrollable temperature of these two models can be controlled temperature drinking water tank is a temperature controller, the winter can be heated to adjust the water temperature of 10-15 degrees
     product advantages
     The overall hot-dip galvanized tumbling tank interface is not easy to be corroded, reducing the possibility of drinking water leakage, through the two bolts can easily adjust the height of the drinking trough, do not need hinges, but can freely flip. Cleaning is very convenient, to ensure the clean water.

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