This is the description of Latex pillow assembly line

Product Name: latex pillow line - fully automatic continuous production line
1.CJ-1000 type; mechanical length of 100 meters, class production 1000-1500 pillow
A. double disc mixed foam, automatic temperature control of die head! (the process of the reform of the foaming process of the gel) delicate and soft, uniform foam. Magnification up to 20 times!
B. double metering pump, separate feeding uniform, high quality products.
C. stainless steel screw pump. Wear resistance, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance...
2 curing box; characteristics;
A. curing part - stainless steel material! High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance! The temperature can reach 200 degrees or so!
B. heating, heat conduction oil, natural gas, steam, electric heating,,,,
C. temperature control part; automatic temperature control, power control.
3 drying; characteristics;
A. box Stainless steel, thermal insulation performance is particularly high, the use of a fire insulation cotton. Reduce energy! Cost savings!
Latex pillow assembly line is the company introduced the German advanced technology! Foam - Take - automation, reduce production costs, reduce workers!

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Latex pillow assembly line

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