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china pig gestation crateschina pig gestation cratespig farrowing crate factory
Packing: Pallet Delivery Date: 25-35days
Brand Name: Linkgreat Material: Metal
Type: Pig Equipment Size: Customs
Finishing: Hot dip galvanized finishing  
pig gestation crates factory
pig gestation crates factory
swine gestation crates company

1.Excellent corrosion resistance--fully hot dip galvanised

2. Tube fence.

3.For more than 40kgs pig.

4.With Dry and Wet feeder or SS feeder.

5.Easy to install,clean and disinfect,good enviroment for growing pigs.

6. We can make products according to buyer's drawings and design, as we are OEM service.

palco farrowing crates
palco farrowing crates
used farrowing house for sale
used farrowing house for sale
palco farrowing crates   used farrowing house for sale
palco farrowing crates used farrowing house for sale

 Palco maternity crate size introduction
The palco farrowing crates are one of the most basic pig-raising equipment for intensive pig raising. As a technical result, the size and quality of the sow's positioning bar influence the normal development of the sow, so it should not be ignored. . The positioning bar is approved by most pig farms because it can be used for regular rations, small footprint, and easy management. Because of the long-term inaccurate breeding, the maternality of exotic breeder pigs is reduced, and the piglets are easily crushed during their activities. In order to reduce the possibility of sows squeezing piglets, the majority of farms now use a positioning bar to limit sow movement. Cage: ¢20 hot-dip galvanized pipe outsourcing, horizontally reinforced ¢20 hot-dip galvanized pipe 1, the rest is ¢15 hot-dip galvanized pipe, wall thickness are 2.5mm, refer to cage drawings; 2. Front and rear doors: 500mm*600mm368 pieces, 550mm*600mm80 pieces, made of ¢15 hot-dip galvanized pipe, door clasp and bolt made of hot-dip galvanized steel; 3, tie rods: 15 galvanized hot-dip galvanized pipe pull rods, long length ¢20 Hot-dip galvanizing pipe puller 1 (combined with water); 4, spray cooling facilities: long ¢ 20 hot-dip galvanized pipe, every 3 columns installed a copper nozzle.
Looking forward to your inquiry for this palco farrowing crates used farrowing house for sale .

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