This is the description of farrowing huts for sale farrowing hut
plastic floor mats india

1.Excellent corrosion resistance--fully hot dip galvanised

plastic floor hole covers

2.Doulbe Sow Farrowing Crate

pig farrowing crates for sale

3.Europe style

4.Tube Fence or PVC fence for your choice

5.Fast delivery




Double Farrowing Crate

Model  No



32x2.5mm steel tube

Surface  treatment 

Fully hot dip galvanised

Overall size

4400x2400mm (L x W)


PVC board 30mmx500mm or tube


SS304 or Cast iron for sows


Cast iron for sows, plastic for piglets


Nipple drinker for both sows and piglets


Warm house with heating floor or heating lamp(optional)

Feeding trough

Plastic/SS304 feeders for piglets


Fiberglass beam and bracket


farrowing huts for sale
farrowing huts for sale
farrowing hut
farrowing hut
farrowing huts for sale      farrowing hut
farrowing huts for sale farrowing hut

 Farrowing hut supplier describes how to treat piglets
(1) Improve feeding and management and hygiene conditions, and give high-quality full-price pellets to enhance the disease resistance of piglets;
(2) Prevent vaccination or oral vaccination against the disease-prone areas or farms;
(3) After the onset of disease, the sick pigs will be isolated and treated. Pigs that have been thoroughly sterilized or tolerated in contaminated pig houses should be isolated and fattened and eliminated. The dead pigs are forbidden to eat and to prevent poisoning.
(4) For pigs without disease, add 100 grams of chlortetracycline per ton of feed, or mix 100 mg of sulfamethazine to prevent infection.
Hysteria: Congenital spasms or tremors in newborn piglets are characterized by loss of control of tremors in their skeletal muscles. The incidence and severity of piglets vary.
The disease does not spread horizontally. Each sow had only one litter of affected pigs.
The cause is thought to be a viral infection. Piglets born to sows infected with this virus develop symptoms within a few hours of delivery. When the piglet is sleeping, tremors are reduced; when piglets grow older, the tremors become slight.
Less severe symptoms usually recover naturally within a few days or weeks, and the mortality rate is low.
In addition, there are studies that this disease can also be caused by swine fever or pseudorabies infection or considered to be a genetic disease.
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