This is the description of farrowing stalls swine farrowing barns

Double Farrowing Crate for pigs

plastic floor mats india

1.Excellent corrosion resistance--fully hot dip galvanised

plastic floor hole covers

2.Doulbe Sow Farrowing Crate

pig farrowing crates for sale

3.Europe style

4.Tube Fence or PVC fence for your choice

5.Fast delivery




Double Farrowing Crate

Model  No



32x2.5mm steel tube

Surface  treatment 

Fully hot dip galvanised

Overall size

4400x2400mm (L x W)


PVC board 30mmx500mm or tube


SS304 or Cast iron for sows


Cast iron for sows, plastic for piglets


Nipple drinker for both sows and piglets


Warm house with heating floor or heating lamp(optional)

Feeding trough

Plastic/SS304 feeders for piglets


Fiberglass beam and bracket


farrowing stalls
farrowing stalls
 swine farrowing barns
 swine farrowing barns
farrowing stalls      swine farrowing barns
farrowing stalls swine farrowing barns

farrowing stalls Manufacturer Describes the design plan for the pig farm
Pig farm planning and design problems are overlooked: the lack of scientific planning, did not take into account the site selection, environmental assessment, geography and other elements; sewage treatment design or process unreasonable; can not do whole or entire unit all into the whole; Neglect environmental control; equipment, pigs, feed, personnel, funds, etc. are not complete.
Planning hazards
Irrational planning and design of farms will bring a lot of trouble to the future production: ① After the production can not be normal and efficient production. Pigs can only be disinfected with pigs or roll out some of the fence after disinfection, can not be fully into the whole out of the farm is difficult to achieve high efficiency. Dung ditch the entire interlinked, reducing the disinfection effect, increasing the risk of pathogen transmission. Water red manure, blister manure process, not only caused a lot of waste of water resources, but also to deal with the difficulty of manure disposal, causing pollution to society, to bring their own pollution. ② can not meet the ventilation and cooling requirements. In the winter into the air temperature is too low, resulting in deteriorating air quality inside the house, the formation of ventilation, insulation, moisture between the contradictions. ③ cause pig farm positioning is not clear. As the planning is not scientific enough, rigorous introduction chaos, feed with non-standard, equipment is not complete, staff responsibilities are unclear, and even liquidity is not sufficient, put into operation after the normal operation, to the production of many difficulties.
Planning Principles
Pig farm in the planning and design should follow three basic principles: ① selected sites, pigsty, equipment, breeding pigs, lay the foundation. ② scientific planning, according to local conditions, saving investment. ③ clear the nature of the pig farm is the original pig farm, farm on behalf of the ancestors, parents on behalf of the farms or commodity farms. In the construction and development of pig farms go its mantle, staged implementation, first do a good job, then bigger. From the point of view of epidemic prevention and production convenience, generally no more than 10,000 commodity pigs are slaughtered in a year, and no more than 600 basic sows are appropriate. The general principles of farm planning and design are: the harmonious coexistence of human existence and pig ecological environment, the virtuous circle of pig farming and the entire large-scale agriculture and social economic development.
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