This is the description of farrowing stalls swine farrowing houses for sale
plastic floor mats india

1.Excellent corrosion resistance--fully hot dip galvanised

plastic floor hole covers

2.Doulbe Sow Farrowing Crate

pig farrowing crates for sale

3.Europe style

4.Tube Fence or PVC fence for your choice

5.Fast delivery




Double Farrowing Crate

Model  No



32x2.5mm steel tube

Surface  treatment 

Fully hot dip galvanised

Overall size

4400x2400mm (L x W)


PVC board 30mmx500mm or tube


SS304 or Cast iron for sows


Cast iron for sows, plastic for piglets


Nipple drinker for both sows and piglets


Warm house with heating floor or heating lamp(optional)

Feeding trough

Plastic/SS304 feeders for piglets


Fiberglass beam and bracket


farrowing stalls
farrowing stalls
swine farrowing houses for sale
swine farrowing houses for sale
farrowing stalls      swine farrowing houses for sale
farrowing stalls swine farrowing houses for sale

Farrowing stalls manufacturers introduce pig common sense
First, feed pellets feed water.
Feeding process will feed pellets feed pig porridge, it is unscientific. After the pelleted feed is mixed with water, its nutrient content will be severely damaged, and its nutritional value will be greatly reduced. The correct way is to feed the dry feed water.
Second, feed taste good quality.
It is wrong to rate the quality of the feed by the size of the feed. For example, some additives on the market, added to the feed will have a strong fishy smell, farmers should pay attention to this, beware of being deceived.
Third, hybrid pigs can not be breeding pigs.
Although the hybrid pig size, good physique, fast growth, but because of the genetic instability, for pigs, their offspring will have a serious shape separation. Such as slow growth, reduced disease resistance and so on. Therefore, hybrid pigs can not be used for breeding pigs.
Fourth, bright red pigskin feed that.
Pig skin color and fur brightness, is the amount of nutrients in the feed to decide how much, mainly protein, fat vitamins. Some feed manufacturers increase the content of selenium and copper in the feed, make the skin of pigs turn red, but there is a lot of selenium and copper left in the pork. Eating such pork will cause serious harm to the human body.
Five pigs fell asleep that material is good.
Pigs have some habits, that is, eat materials, activities, rest. Especially pigs under 40 kg, have a certain play around noon every day. When you eat, you may have added sedatives (such as chlorpromazine) to your feed. Pigs eat these feeds, destroying their normal physiological functions, and the pigs sleep for anesthesia. At the same time, sedatives on the pig will play a role in lowering blood pressure, reducing body temperature and reduce the number of down-heartbeat, affecting the normal metabolism of pigs, and tranquillizers in the pig body residues, is extremely detrimental to the health of consumers.
Looking forward to your inquiry for this farrowing stalls swine farrowing houses for sale

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