This is the description of farrowing stalls palco farrowing crates

Double Farrowing Crate for pigs

plastic floor mats india

1.Excellent corrosion resistance--fully hot dip galvanised

plastic floor hole covers

2.Doulbe Sow Farrowing Crate

pig farrowing crates for sale

3.Europe style

4.Tube Fence or PVC fence for your choice

5.Fast delivery




Double Farrowing Crate

Model  No



32x2.5mm steel tube

Surface  treatment 

Fully hot dip galvanised

Overall size

4400x2400mm (L x W)


PVC board 30mmx500mm or tube


SS304 or Cast iron for sows


Cast iron for sows, plastic for piglets


Nipple drinker for both sows and piglets


Warm house with heating floor or heating lamp(optional)

Feeding trough

Plastic/SS304 feeders for piglets


Fiberglass beam and bracket


farrowing stalls
farrowing stalls
palco farrowing crates
palco farrowing crates
farrowing stalls      palco farrowing crates
farrowing stalls palco farrowing crates

Sow birth bed composition: 1 inch hot-dip galvanized fence 1 set; 2.1 beam 8; 1.8 m beam 4; bed leg 6; plastic plate 50 * 70 of 6, 60 * 70 of 6; cast iron Plate 60 * 70 6; sow trough 2, 2 piglets trough, incubator 2, 2 electric hot plate, a number of bolt bolts,
Net size: 2.1m * 3.6m Hair size: 2.2m * 3.8m
Features: Durable, easy disassembly, buy back that use.
Fence economy: non-GB all-inch galvanized pipe, wall thickness 1.8mm. Thickened type: GB one inch galvanized pipe, GB 2.5mm, our wall thickness 2.75mm, to accept the caliper test.
Leakage, hot plate, trough and so have a variety of materials, so the price is not the same.
Obstetrics and Gynecology Like a computer, high performance requires high configuration, of course, the price will be higher. If you want the price down, the natural configuration will be slightly lower, of course, we will be based on the actual situation of the client to recommend their own suitable for your preparation. We do not buy the most expensive, do not buy the cheapest, we only buy the highest cost. Nongshengle configuration of the maternity bed in 2100-3100 yuan, Nongsong music production sow maternity bed, nursery bed, limit bar, unloading device, trough, drinking fountains and other pig equipment.
Advantages of using a sow bed:
1, clean and hygienic environment of childbirth so that sows recover quickly after childbirth, and give full play to pig production potential;
2, to facilitate the management of sows and piglets;
3, to protect piglets, let it stop sow die;
4, to provide good sanitation, to prevent the accumulation of live and bacterial reproduction, reduce piglet disease;
5, can provide a healthy and comfortable environment and safe activity space for newborn piglets;
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