This is the description of farrowing stalls pig stalls for sale

Double Farrowing Crate for pigs

plastic floor mats india

1.Excellent corrosion resistance--fully hot dip galvanised

plastic floor hole covers

2.Doulbe Sow Farrowing Crate

pig farrowing crates for sale

3.Europe style

4.Tube Fence or PVC fence for your choice

5.Fast delivery




Double Farrowing Crate

Model  No



32x2.5mm steel tube

Surface  treatment 

Fully hot dip galvanised

Overall size

4400x2400mm (L x W)


PVC board 30mmx500mm or tube


SS304 or Cast iron for sows


Cast iron for sows, plastic for piglets


Nipple drinker for both sows and piglets


Warm house with heating floor or heating lamp(optional)

Feeding trough

Plastic/SS304 feeders for piglets


Fiberglass beam and bracket


farrowing stalls
farrowing stalls
pig stalls for sale
pig stalls for sale
farrowing stalls    pig stalls for sale
farrowing stalls pig stalls for sale

 Farrowing stalls suppliers teach you to pick healthy piglets
1. Select the time
This refers to the purchase of pigs time should be appropriate, the best choice in the spring. Even in conditions of restrictions can not be done in the spring to buy piglets, but also avoid buying pigs in the lunar calendar in August, during which the highest incidence and mortality of pigs (high temperature, stress), commonly known as "rotten August."
There are two meanings.
First, if there is an ideal hybrid piglet here, it is locally purchased to avoid infectious diseases and other adverse effects.
Second, if it is better to choose a newborn piglet as a littermate, it is not likely that fellow piglets will be beaten, fought or chased after being bred in the same circle. They live in harmony with each other and grow fast and slaughter at the same time. The overall economic benefits are high.
3. Ear test
Buy an ear tag (pig). The ear is a gap in the pig's ear. It is a veterinarian who cuts it with an earcuff while injecting the vaccine. The pig is not susceptible to some viral diseases.
4 look
Look at the head size and trunk is commensurate. The right proportion of piglets develop normally and are healthy and disease free.
Looked at the forehead, forehead wide and flat piglets develop fast; forehead slightly protruding and too many wrinkles that the old phase, commonly known as "little old pig", slow growth.
Look at the eyes, healthy pigs bright eyes, God, and sick pigs often red eyes or eye drops.
Look nose, healthy pig nose long, big and clean nostrils, nose moist sweat.
Looked mouth, good pig fork long mouth, round mouth, thin lips, upper and lower lips flush, this pig is not picky eaters, fast growth.
5. Listen
Healthy pigs breathe smoothly and rhythmically, with loud vocalizations and hunches in search of food. The pigs squeak, hoarseness or cough, their breathing is rapid, and the nose flaps or their belly breathe and the body trembles.
6 掂 heavy
As the saying goes, "do not hold light weight, choose the same weight to choose the most litter piglets. Weaned piglets weight, indicating faster development, the more significant weight gain. Generally 50-60 day-old piglets weight should reach 15-20kg, piglets below this weight generally do not buy.
7 to see Mao
To pick thin, thin hair, tender piglets. This pig fur smooth and oily, pink skin, good physique, grow fast. The "thick skin, hair thick, old meat," the pig long slow. The most obvious feature of sick pigs is heavy fur, disheveled, dull.
8 election skin
Healthy pig's skin is smooth and elastic. First of all, to pick the scabies piglets, if the skin surface swelling, ulcers, nodules, we must identify the cause, to prevent contagious diseases.
9 pick belly
Select the full belly eating pigs, pigs good appetite, long 膘 fast. Selection of the thoracic and ventral blood vessels, especially breast venous dew obvious, loose skin, short tail tail anal pig. The choice is to pig back two hind legs, if the abdominal skin (breast center) frequently to both sides of the swing, skin and blood vessels on both sides of the breast clear, indicating loose skin, large vessels, good body condition.
Looking forward to your inquiry for this farrowing stalls pig stalls for sale

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