This is the description of swine farrowing used farrowing house for sale

1.Excellent corrosion resistance--fully hot dip galvanised.

2.Tube fence.

3.It is designed for the gestation sows.

4.With SS long feeder is easy to clean.

5.Fast and easy to install as very few bolts are requirement.

6.U-shaped back side is convenient for sows to sit and stand, avoiding lesion on the rump.

7.We can make products according to buyer's drawings and design, as we are OEM service.

8.With water tube and water drinker nipple.

9.With very few bolts, easy to install.

swine farrowing
swine farrowing
used farrowing house for sale
used farrowing house for sale
 swine farrowing   used farrowing house for sale
swine farrowing used farrowing house for sale

  swine farrowing of equipment
The production of large-scale pig-raising equipment in China has developed rapidly. There are a large number of large and medium-sized pig farms in various regions. This has played an important role in promoting the progress of pig-breeding technology and the development of productivity in China. However, the good production effect of pig-raising enterprises depends on management. The economic and economic benefits of pig-raising enterprises are the product of the sum of equipment, breeding pigs, nutrition, and market, and the management level. It can be seen that the importance of management to the efficiency of pig-raising enterprises. In some large and medium-sized pig-breeding enterprises, the potential for increasing production and increasing income is 15 to 20 percent, making it a kind of wealth that cannot be underestimated. Pig-raising equipment is the transformation of pig producers from family sideline to scale-scale to factory-society, making pig-raising a part of the production chain of an independent industry. Pig-raising should be different according to the production process. The breeding phase is equipped with appropriate equipment.
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